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An original GameCube and a copy of Super Smash Bros. Melee in the back seat? Five stars for sure

A little bit of lighthearted and fun news as Mr. Justin Wong (the investor, not the pro fighting game player) shared a few images from his Lyft ride earlier today.

Said images depicted a full Super Smash Bros. Melee set up in the back seat played from an original GameCube. "Lyft driver has Melee on an original GameCube and the smash stick is well worn this is how you get 5 stars," Wong included with his photos.

It's not all that uncommon to find ride share drivers doing their best to up the ante, (I once had a Lyft driver in New Orleans who offered us vanilla vodka shots… it was during Mardi Gras) but a fighting game rig takes the cake. At least, for us it does.

Now for those of you wondering, no he did not have a CRT television. Naturally we have to dock a few points for that, but he's still ahead of Mardi Gras vodka driver.

Wong followed up his initial post with, "Just wanted to say even though it was cool I didn’t play because it’s on an LCD with lots of input lag… It’s like Lyft doesn’t even care about competitive integrity in the car Melee scene."

You can view the photos from the post right here. Think you have a Lyft or Uber experience that tops this? Please share your best ride share stories in the comments below.

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