Features 10 Nov 18 Taking the ‘best ride’ with Bestmile and Alto

By using the platform of Bestmile, the new Dallas-based ride hailing company Alto will take its riders' experience to the next level.

As from next week the first phase of the exclusive ride hailing services of Alto will take off by using the Mobiliy Services Platform of Bestmile.

Rider Experience

Alto claims to offer more than the regular ride hailing services, by focussing on safety and rider experience. For instance, Alto owns its own fleet and hires professional drivers, rather than letting random people use their car to provide ad-hoc services as most ride hailing companies do.

Working with Bestmile is meant to enhance this service and differentiate Alto from the other peer-to-peer service providers, by addressing the need for safety and consistency. In contrast, most ride hailing companies rely on under-optimised fleets, resulting in the counter argument of increased traffic congestion among other backlash. Optimised fleets on the other hand not only serve the ride-hailing company but also the operating terrain, the cities.

Furthermore, Alto aims not only to increase safety and efficiency, but the overall ambiance as well. Riders can, for example, adjust the lighting and the music during their ride.

For those who are willing to take a ride with Alto, you have to sign up for membership but paying an additional monthly fee results in significant discounts for each trip.

Hybrid fleets

Bestmile will take care of fleet optimisation and routing services. The startup is at the moment the leading mobility services platform to optimise not only human-driven, but also autonomous and hybrid vehicle fleets. Thanks to its ride matching and dispatching algorithms, it can provide more control over pick-up and wait times, routing efficiency and vehicle utilisation; hence improving the overall performance of the service.

Moreover, by the use of its Service Design Offering, Bestmile could simulate the planned service of Alto and allow them to experiment with various formulas regarding fleet size, vehicle positioning and vehicle capacity. Thanks to this kind of simulation, Alto could reduce its risk and even accelerate its time to market.

Authored by: Fien Van den steenSmart MobilityGlobalOriginal Article


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