Uber's Jump bikes and scooters to find their way to charge points…?

There is a surprising move in the domain of two-wheel shared mobility. Ride-hailing company Uber, which recently bought free-floating electric bike-sharing company Jump, is using this as a base for research into a new type of autonomy. The company is already interested in self-driving cars, but is now exploring the possibility of electric bikes and pavement scooters being able to drive themselves to the nearest charging points in between being used by subscribers. Uber is intending to extend the places where Jump is available from several USA cities and Berlin, to many more cities during the course of this year.

Remaining with the subject of Uber, a taxi-driver strike which has been paralysing Barcelona for a few days, has now extended to Madrid. Taxi-drivers in these cities, protesting against ‘chauffeur-driven services’ are quite simply blocking main arterial roads in the Spanish cities.

(Image: Jump)

Authored by: Tim HarrupSmart MobilityGlobalOriginal Article


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