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It’s not Uber or Lyft, but it’s Victoria’s first local taxi hailing app!

As of Thursday, August 15th, people living in Greater Victoria can download the ‘Lucky to Go’ app to hail taxis and track their location from virtually anywhere in town.

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Available on both Android and iOS platforms, this app hopes to incorporate drivers and taxis from every fleet in town, giving customers the option to choose their favourite brand.

“We have opened our services for any registered taxi service and driver with an appropriate license,” Mandeep Rana, founder of Lucky to Go, tells Victoria Buzz.

“They have to have a Class 4 license and the driver has to submit proper documentation that supports the fact that [they’re] a cab company driver.”

Much like Uber and Lyft, the app will calculate your fare, track the driver via GPS navigation, invoice you at the end of the trip, and let you rate your ride.

On the flip side, drivers registered with the service can view customer details before deciding to accept a ride, and also have the chance to rate their passengers at the end of a trip.

Transitioning into ride hailing

According to Rana, Lucky to Go is designed to transition into a ride hailing app, much like Uber, once the province reviews applications for ride hailing services in September.

“We are ready to operate as a ride hailing company but we can’t operate independently without taxi companies. Until [September], we’re following the rules and only opening our dispatch system that will bring you the nearest taxi for any enrolled taxi drivers,” says Rana.

If and when their application gets approved, Lucky to Go is poised to be the only service that gives customers the option to choose between independent drivers and drivers associated with a taxi service.

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So far they’ve got 70 registered drivers with more applications incoming each day, and 150 app downloads in total.

“They love it!” says Rana, in reference to the users on both ends that have provided their feedback so far.

“There’s been nothing but positive feedback on it. People are excited to see a service that is catered to them that is just like Uber but not Uber.”

Last month, the BC Passenger Transportation Board announced new regulations and an insurance policy outline for companies that provide ride hailing services.

These new regulations will allow companies, like Lucky to Go, to submit an application to operate in BC to the Passenger Transportation Board (PTB) by the beginning of September 2019.

The suite of regulations will take effect on September 3rd, 2019, thereby allowing the PTB to start accepting applications.

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