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Uber officials said the company has partnered with ServiceNow as a means of developing a safer work commute once it is safe to reopen.

“In a pandemic environment, businesses will have to reimagine what everyday work looks like – including commutes,” Ronnie Gurion, global head of Uber for Business, said. “Our partnership with ServiceNow allows employees who meet necessary health and safety checks to seamlessly unlock the ride booking function from within ServiceNow’s Workplace Safety Management app. It’s one way Uber can help companies and their employees transition into this new normal, whenever they are ready to do so.”

Officials noted since the ServiceNow Safe Workplace suite was initially released two months ago, incorporating contact tracing, workplace safety management, employee readiness feedback, and employee health screening, more than 600 organizations have downloaded the apps.

“Uber for Business is providing flexible and practical transportation options for companies and their employees,” Blake McConnell, senior vice president of employee workflow products, ServiceNow, said. “Our new integration with Uber for Business is helping businesses adapt and manage workplace and workforce readiness. Through the power of the Now Platform, ServiceNow is helping our customers solve for once-in-a-generation challenges as they capitalize on the opportunities of digital transformation.”

The initiative involves building upon the latest updates to the ServiceNow Safe Workplace suite based on real-time feedback from global customers, officials said, as they continue to return to workplace planning and activation.

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