STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Tired of getting in a freezing cold ride share in which the driver refuses to stop talking? Lyft has you covered.

Last month, Lyft announced a new service, Lyft Preferred, which allows users to customize their experience while riding in the company’s latest vehicles with its top drivers.

Preferred riders will always find themselves in one of Lyft’s newest, most comfortable vehicles, with all rides required to take place in vehicles manufactured in 2015 or later, with more than 37″ of legroom.

Additionally, riders can rest assured that they’re safe from any potential spread of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), with all Preferred vehicles required to maintain the company’s highest cleanliness score.

All Preferred trips will be made by the company’s most experienced drivers, with at least 300 prior rides and a 4.9 or higher star rating required to qualify.

In addition to enhanced comfort and cleanliness, Lyft Preferred gives riders the option to select a desired vehicle temperature for the ride.

Those not interested in chatting with their driver can also select a “quiet ride,” indicating a desire for no music or conversation.

And for anyone traveling to an airport or train station, riders can specifically request vehicles with ample space for luggage.

“With more legroom, newer cars, our highest-rated drivers, and brand new in-app tools to control ride preferences, Preferred rides are perfect for those moments when you need a little more comfort and relaxation,” according to Lyft.

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