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‘Uber technology’ used by Total Motion to create £1m fleet portal
07/01/2021 in Fleet industry news

Total Motion has spent more than £1 million developing technology used by Uber to create a client communications hub for fleet operators.

The Midlands-based fleet management company has spent two years building fleets the new, high-tech software system.

It aims to dispense with the need for emails and telephone calls, as all communication and reporting can be done via the new portal.

It can also be accessed via an app, using progress web app (PWA) technology employed by Uber, which gives customers both online and offline reporting options.

Simon Hill (pictured), Total Motion’s managing director, said: “We are very excited to announce the launch of our new customer communications hub, which we have been developing behind the scenes over the last two years.

“This ground-breaking new reporting system, which we have trialled with a number of clients, puts Total Motion in a different league to others in the fleet management industry.”

In addition to providing fleet operators with up-to-date information on their company vehicles, Total Motion says it will also be beneficial to those operating so-called grey fleet vehicles, employees who use their own vehicles for company business.

Even though these vehicles are not company-owned, the company is still responsible for ensuring the vehicles are roadworthy and the driver has the correct licence, insurance and tax.

Total Motion says that the new system also permits tracking and tracing on request and the client gets backend access to the database.

Furthermore, it allows drivers to do live real-time safety checks and report faults via the app, which can also use notify the user of any requests.

“We looked at what our competitors were offering their customers and decided we wanted to offer ours something unique; a communications hub that will save them time, money and also protect them from potential legal action,” explained Hill.

“For our clients, those operating company fleets and those with grey fleets, it means they will receive a much higher level of service from the Total Motion team.”

He concluded: “Our app uses PWA technology, which is used by the likes of Uber, and importantly can be used to input data on and offline.”

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