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Ford Teams With Lyft, Argo AI For Self-Driving Ride-Shares This Year

forbes.com - Autonomous Lyft-Ford Escape ride-share vehicles will launch this year in Miami. These self-drivers will still haveOriginal Article

Uber Calls For UK Rivals To Follow Court Ruling On Driver...

forbes.com - Uber’s boss for Northern Europe has said that other ride-hailing companies in the UK need to recognize their drivers as workers.Original Article

Uber charged me £332 for a 1.75-mile trip home

theguardian.com - I can’t persuade the ride-hailing company something is wrong even though its bill is absurdOriginal Article

Lyft is bringing back a version of shared rides

cnn.com - Shared rides were a key part of how the founders of Uber and Lyft envisioned disrupting transportation. Back in 2014, the companies...

Ford’s vehicles to offer autonomous ride-hailing through Lyft

Back in 2017, Ford made a significant investment in an artificial intelligence startup called Argo that harbored big ambitions in the self-driving vehicle space....
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